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Conferencias y formación Is a division of the Editorial Unit group specialized in professional and managerial training since 1996. They hold events and conferences throughout the year in order to provide professionals with up-to-date information on the main Business management strategies and the best professional practices of the market. More than 8,000 entrepreneurs and principals attend the events of this division every year .

Over the years they have been expanding their field of action to get to impart personal development programs and master programs of first level. In this effort to continue providing a first-rate training to entrepreneurs and executives, since a few years, from conferences and training also provide online training through the Chamilo platform to more than 600 professionals of all the Spanish geography.

Through their campus, Chamilo distribute high quality videos, combine theoretical classes with more practical sessions , sending tasks and performing exercises online. The simplicity of use of Chamilo has been one of the key factors for the success of this project that has allowed to convert an equipment not spelled in e-learning into a totally prepared equipment for the delivery of innovative online training programs.

Sira Santos. Director Professional Development Programs. Journalism and Communication School at Unidad Editorial.

“Working with Contidos Dixitais, in particular with Noa and his team is a luxury. Not only is the Chamilo platform highly valued by our students at usability and utility level, but the Contidos Dixitaes team is always available and are quick to solve the problems that arise. It is a pleasure to work with suppliers with whom the relationship is not only for the project in which you are working in each moment, but you can count on them to consult potential projects that are not even In addition, they offer you even the tools to launch Moocs, being a further advantage if you want to go further in e-learning.”

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