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Client: Aulainterdisciplinar.


This company, which has been in the market since the 90s but has now changed its name, seeks to contribute to the socialization and extension of scientific knowledge, the continuous training of professionals at all levels and areas of knowledge and support to Organizations involved in social work, through the organization of face-to-face and distance courses, conferences, seminars, publication of books on topics of interest, advice and assistance to NGOs.

For them, we develop a web portal with the detail of their training offer and scientific committee organizer, connected to an online store that allows them to sell their courses and issue invoices (including the billing peculiarities of the Canary Islands).

They also have a Chamilo e-learning campus that allows them to manage their online courses for both Spain and Latin America.

They have given numerous courses (accredited and endorsed by different public institutions, including Master and Expert degrees) in different fields from health, to thousands of students Nationally and internationally (especially Latin Americans).

Leonardo Ruíz Pérez. Manager at Aula Interdisciplinar.

“We are deeply and fully satisfied and grateful for the great work developed by Contidos Dixitais for our company, Interdisciplinary Classroom.” From Contidos Dixitais, we understood our needs from the outset and they offered us an unbeatable service from all points of view. Excellent developed by a great team, which is being recognized, appreciated and applauded by all our colleagues and users of the web.






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